Kerala University - Platinum Jubilee Year

Platinum Jubilee by Infra Structure Development

Kerala University is all set to prepare for its celebration of platinum jubilee.A 1000 crore infrastructure development project have been sanctioned for the University of Kerala. New Solar Energy scheme for Karyavattom campus, new 100 bed hostel building for foreign students, an institute for defense and strategic studies, an indoor sports complex, an international convention center, two multistory building, a front office complex in the senate house campus for the students, all includes under this 1000 crore project to develop the Kerala University infrastructure.
A modern canteen with all facilities, dining hall, facilitation center for women employees would also be constructed at palayam.An apartment complex of 10 storey would be built for the University Employees.The Infrastructure development academic package for Kerala University also includes a heritage center, open auditorium, rain harvesting system, a bio gas plant, instrumentation facility. Apart from the campus development programme for the platinum jubilee of Kerala University 75 books would be published, various seminars, workshops and heritage programmers and also a science exhibition were being planned to celebrate the platinum jubilee year of the Kerala University.