CCE Syllabus for Tamilnadu School

Taminadu state government Educational board ordered the CCE (  Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation ) Systems to implement for all tamilnadu School for Classes 1 to 8 from this year 2012-13 and from the next year 2013-14 for all tamilnadu school classes from 8-10. CCE scheme should be a three educational term pattern and integral part per year. CCE system also introduced to other neighboring state Karnataka and Kerala.

CCE system for school will be more flexible and simple. This CCE schemes can easily  implementable for tribal areas and rural areas.In this CCE schemes students having FA ( Formative Assessments) for each term and SA (Summative Assessments) will conducting in end of the particular term.CCE evaluation covering academic subjects,skills, Sports and arts.

Formative Assessment will conduct three terms by the teacher for student class participation, Projects and discussions.This is calculating for 40 marks.
  • Summative Assessment is widely conducting trimester paper examination.This is calculating for 60 marks. 
  • This Three terms sum of FA+SA is calculating average cumulative scroes can evaluated for Grades. 

Directorate of Tamilnadu Government Examinations team is "surveying and monitoring all schools to see teachers have done a fair job of evaluation,”

Tamilnadu State government reduce the student syllabus burden through CCE from this year and also ordered to print the textbook for each terms separately.

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is working with closely to Tamilnadu State Government in implementing and developing the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) for the State Board Schools.